Certified Nursing Assistant Game
Center for Integrated Health Science, Education and Practice
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Benedictine Health System
3ds Max, FlashDevelop, Flash Professional, Adobe After Effects

A serious game that will help nursing assistant students learn how to balance conflicting priorities in difficult situations for long-term care patients. The player's task is to keep the happiness and comfort levels of all of the residents as high as possible while facing time pressures, distractions, ethical issues, emotional stress, all while conforming to best practices and staying cheerful and alert.

This 3D game contains an Oracle who voices the game orientation for the player, the head male nurse who voices direction and guidance, and six main elderly characters that live in a long-term care residence. There are 5 scenarios per character focused mainly on soft-skills and conflicting priorities. Each scenario vignette plays out along with a brief caption. Then the student must select the correct answer from a worded question. The correct answer is reinforced with an additional vignette and text.

JCS was responsible for the concept, design, development and testing based off of the input of our partners and subject matter experts.

Example Screen 1
Example Screen 2